Why people are trying Cannabis oil for Cancer, Parkinsons and Epilepsy -Podcast Episode #3  


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At the time of this interview, Cannabis Oil was not legal in New Zealand. There are, however, movements to make it available. Cannabis Oil has been a very controversial topic over the years and has been enforced harshly by the government and police. Although it hasn't been legal, many have sought after it in search of help for their various ailments and conditions. Positive testimonials are popping up everywhere. In the past year, I have met many people who have tried it and most of them are raving fans.  You don't need to look very far to discover that Cannabis Oil has incredible benefits for all sorts of medical conditions. Such as:


Autism, Cancer, Epilepsy, Parkinsons, pain relief for Arthritis, to name a few...


A Cannabis Oil Testimony from Brazil

While I was in Brazil visiting John of God I met Cuneyt from Turkey (In the picture). He travelling all this way there to seek help for his 6-year-old son. At the age of 4 he suddenly started to lose control of his legs and have seizures. He was diagnosed with "Vanishing white matter" and there are no known causes or treatments at this time.

Cannabis oil has been the only effective treatment for his seizures. His seizures would completely stop within 20minutes of having some cannabis oil drops in the mouth. If there were any signs of a seizure about to happen Cannabis Oil prevented the seizure from happening. This has been life changing for his family and his son has been able to sleep through the night. This story was just another amazing testimonial to what Cannabis Oil can do. No, it hasn't cured his problem, but it has been more effective than his prescribed drugs, had fewer side-effects and they believe that it has been a much healthier option given that it is natural.

New Zealand has a great opportunity right in front of it to become a world producer of Cannabis oil. Sir Richard Branson visited NZ in March 2017 and shared his view that Marijuana could become just as normal as wine within 10 years. Branson said Kiwi farmers could have a new venture, cannabis over cows. "You should legalise it, grow it, tax it, regulate it."


Cannabis Oil will likely be distributed through pharmaceutical companies and prescribed by medical doctors. I hope that when it is finally available, the price won't be ridiculously high, since it is a natural plant oil. In my opinion, it should be one of the cheapest available medicines. Of course, there will be start-up costs, high manufacturing standards and more research, however, most of the research has already been done.


As heard in the Podcast - Israel is leading the way with Cannabis research and there is a wealth of information. Check out this website and Blog. (More interesting links at the bottom of this page). On YouTube, you can see loads of cases, documentaries and research. Search for "Cannabis Oil epilepsy" for example. There are plenty of Cancer, Parkinsons and Epilepsy cases shared.


Here's the problem, natural and "alternative" medicines such as Cannabis Oil don't get nearly as much research funding as other drugs. Why? Because it's a natural medicine, not a synthetic drug that's been created and patented by a drug company. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies can't make as much money from it. It's not a smart business move to fund a natural medicine that will get better results and lead people away from existing treatments and drugs that dominate the market. That means fewer profits! Yep, that's what I believe is going on. It's a harsh but true reality. Do you agree?


It's crazy how there is such a clamp down on Cannabis oil and Marijuana... It's a plant, It's natural and it's everywhere. Here's the ridiculous part, It is so common. I would guess that almost half of the NZ population has tried it. I've even seen numerous Medical doctors, police officers and respected professionals smoking it!


Don't you think that going jail for having Cannabis Oil or marijuana seems a bit extreme? What's the big deal?


At first, I thought I was crazy for sharing this interview and my views on Cannabis Oil. I was scared of the repercussions but how many hundreds, thousands, millions of people on the planet could be helped? THAT. Is worth taking a stand for.

A Little Girl With Epilepsy Tries Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil Cancer research 

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