Podcast Episode #4 - Why the Chinese Medicine approach can help you heal - With Cameron Tukapua


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I visited Cameron at her practice in Whangarei for a second interview (We did an interview a few months earlier but wasn't shared). The first time we met was when I treated her with ConTact C.A.R.E - Flinchlock Release a few weeks after she fractured 2 vertebrae and her sternum after being dumped on her head by a wave while swimming at the beach. 


Cameron is a wealth of knowledge so I knew I needed to interview her to share her wisdom. I have had 2 acupuncture treatments with her and can easily say she is the best acupuncturist/Chinese medicine practitioner I have seen. I highly recommend seeing her!

About Cameron:

From day one of acupuncture training Cameron has been a passionate explorer of ‘life as energy'. Her focus has been on aligning with destiny by grounding the invisible spirit world into the practical form world. 


Cameron created and was Principal of an Acupuncture College in Christchurch which she operated for 9 years. She wrote a book called Opening Up, produced a film on Aligning Head and Heart, and for nearly a decade lead spiritual self-identity retreats in rural China.


For over 20 years Cameron has taught Heart centered living to clients, practitioner trainees, peers, Yogis and many others. Her approach is light hearted and fun. 


Cameron’s vision of You Being You was originally inspired to offer easy access to the uncluttered wisdom of ancient traditions.


"Returning to our natural state can be simple when you have a map for the path. YBY offers grounded steps for the spiritual journey."

For more information or to book an appointment with Cameron:







+64 27 588 5886


Level 1, 6/69 Bank Street,

Whangarei 0110, 

New Zealand




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