Episode #1 Jeanette Wilson - Medium and Healer

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I recently caught up with the amazing Healer, Author and Medium "Jeanette Wilson" in Orewa. I have seen Jeanette at her live shows several times now as well as attending a Psychic surgery course one weekend in Whangarei. These events confirmed for me that we are not alone and more is possible than many of us were taught to believe. 


Jeanette works with "Spirit World Teachers" and allows them to teach and heal through her. 


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More info about the Micronized Purple Rice HERE

Psychic surgery course in Whangarei 2017

Free healing night in Dargaville 2017

See Jeanette perform healings on YouTube:

Orewa show. Jeanette Wilson channelling healing for a lady with painful heel spurs
A skeptical farmer with a badly damaged knee


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