Episode #2 Jonno Gibbins - Barefoot Running and Simple Living

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I visited Jonno Gibbins at his house in Waipu. Or shall we call it a freedom lifestyle block? Jonno has a fascinating story to share about living a simple lifestyle, his journey to become the British Snowboarding champion a barefoot running coach and getting me onto the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had - VIVOBAREFOOT shoes.


Are our spongy shoes and incorrect running techniques slowly killing us?

Jonno says most people are wearing shoes with too much support and running incorrectly, causing injuries and weaknesses.

Check out VIVOBAREFOOT shoes

Watch the interview below (YouTube)

Contact Jonno if you want to:
-Buy some VIVOBAREFOOT shoes
-Learn how to run (properly) all aspects of running technique coaching, group clinics, one-on-one sessions, coaching charges and availability.
Jonno can train people in all parts of New Zealand.
Email: jonnogibbins@mac.com
Mob: 022 420 4963
For more information go to: 


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