Podcast Episodes:

Travelling Healer Cannabis oil Podcast

Episode #1 Psychic Surgery and Spiritual Healing with Jeanette Wilson - Medium, Author and Healer

Episode #2 Jonno Gibbins - Simple living, Barefoot running and VIVOBAREFOOT shoes

Episode #3 Why people are trying Cannabis oil for Cancer, Parkinsons and Epilepsy

Episode #4 Why the Chinese Medicine approach can help you heal - With Cameron Tukapua

Episode #5 John of God removed my cancer with Spiritual Surgery

Episode #6 Ayahuasca - One of the worlds most powerful plant medicines - with Diego Palma

Perry Neckelston Stop Chasing Pain
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Episode #9 Dr. Chris Zaino - Chiropractic and living the HERO version of yourself

Episode #10 Dr. Rashid Buttar - Advanced Medicine