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1. New Beginnings - The Travelling Healer

2017. Wow what a start to this year of new beginnings! There's a new American president, new NZ prime minister, I have a new brand and direction, and newfound FREEDOM! The past 2 weeks have been allll go...

I'm sitting in my van as I write this, parked at Langs beach. Its my lunch break from seeing clients in Waipu. The sun is out and there's a gentle sound of crashing waves. I find that the beach is the best place to relax. Ahhh... so good.

Today is the day I announce my new brand "The Travelling Healer." My new website, online booking system, Blog and Facebook page.

Website and Online booking system:

Facebook page:

I came up with this new name about 6 months ago as I was driving home after work. I realised that my dream lifestyle would be to learn as much as possible from the worlds most amazing healers and to share and teach people what I've learn't. All this while travelling the world!

Is it possible? I still ask myself this question. After months of doubting myself, wondering if others would accept me as The Travelling Healer, what would my family and friends think? I continually worked on myself in many ways. Using NLP, Access bars, ConTact C.A.R.E and spiritual counselling to name a few! I found that I had mental blocks, sabotaging beliefs and that the only thing stopping me was.... ME.

So by all means, it hasn't been easy to make it this far. In fact, I believe that this crucial part is the hardest, and is what holds most people back (I'll write more about this in a future blog). Now that I've come this far, I've decided to dive head first and to make it happen!

The plan is to have everything sorted by June 2017, then I'm off... The destinations on the list so far are: Brazil - See John of God (a well renowned healer), Peru, Nepal and Europe. The next destinations will unfold as time goes by.

What did I need to do to create the FREEDOM to be able to do this trip?

-Free myself up from my 2 Chiropractic businesses so I'm not locked into any long term leases.

-Pay off debts. Minimise expenses. Save!

-Create more income. Preferably residual income that will continue while I travel. (This would mean I wouldn't have to rely solely on income from seeing clients and would take pressure off finding work overseas.)

The first big decision I made was to let go of my business - Vital Connections Chiropractic. A business I had started only 2 years ago, which had grown into - 2 practice locations and 3 employees. A very successful startup business. However with my change in direction into ConTact C.A.R.E, everything changed. (Another subject for a future blog post!). As of 1st of January 2017 I ooved out of the Whangarei practice and transferred the lease to another chiropractor. Perfect start!

The next obstacle - To free myself from owning the other Chiropractic practice in Dargaville. Last week I posted a selfie video tour of the practice. This alone was waaaay out of my comfort zone but I knew this is what it would take to create a feel for the place. In the past would have never have made a selfie video like that... I took as a time for growth to step outside of my comfort zone a little more. Well, It worked! It looks like I have a buyer for the practice!

That's 2 big obstacles overcome so far and only 6 months to go till the big trip. Not a bad start!

So that's it for now. Till next time!


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