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2. Where shall I stay tonight?

Where shall I stay tonight? I ask myself that question every day. More importantly where do I WANT to stay. Life has drastically changed now that I have a van, no more fixed practice location and more free time. I can now stay almost anywhere any time. For example a week ago I stayed at Woolies bay - mid week. and now I'm in Uretiti on Sunday night. Life right now is all about Freedom and Adventure and its only just beginning of this journey.

As I write this I am sitting in the seat above on Uretiti beach. Sitting here with my laptop has attracted some interesting looks from walkers by. While I was driving back from Auckland today I thought to myself - what place could I find that would be super relaxing and would get the creative juices flowing? THE BEACH. I pulled into the DOC Uretiti campground and found out it was $15 per night. Not bad I thought, so here I am on this beautiful beach, no breeze and a clear evening. Ahhhh you can't beat it. This is life at its best. People should do this more!

I arrived here after a weekend at NZ's Annual international Yoga Festival in Auckland. That was an epic experience that really had an impact for me. The whole weekend was all about the yoga way of life - Mindfulness/meditation, good healthy plant based food without animal products, great music and yoga practices in its many forms. I couldn't name half of the different forms of yoga but was cool seeing so many including paddle board yoga. I highly recommend checking it out next year. I managed to get along to 2 sessions today and lets just say I'm going to sleep well tonight!

Anyway... It has been a very eventful month since the last post. I've only stayed at my own flat about 5-7 nights and clocked up over 5,000km. That's a lot of time on the road! For those of you that haven't heard yet, I sold my little Dargaville chiropractic centre and will be in good hands with Dr. Cameron J. Allan. I'm pretty stoked about this as it frees me up even more!

Here's a summary of where I've been the past month:

Auckland - Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden seminar and at this weekends Yoga festival.

Kerikeri - Te Ao Marama o Kerkeri Healing Expo weekend.

Pawarenga (Hokianga)- Healing last weekend.

Kaikohe - Saw clients and visiting Kaikohe again tomorrow.

Dargaville - Sold my practice and attended a PXP royale event.

Ngatea - ConTact CARE seminar and further learning.

Above: Visiting Pawarenga (Hokianga) and treated family and visitors last weekend.

Also stayed at:

Woolies Bay

Rays Rest - Kaiaua

Cooks Beach








Ocean beach

To name a few....

Above: Ocean beach Sunrise, Tawharanui handstand and Working in Kaikohe

Van living can be scary...

A big realisation happened one night a couple of weeks ago. I was lying in my van at a freedom camping area in Whangarei when it hit me. I realised that I was no longer scared while being in my van - Alone. That might sound odd to you but I really was scared before that. Sleeping in a van in a place where anyone could come along and attack you, steal something, spy on you... I don't know... All these crazy things can go through your head when your doing something like this - All by yourself. This was all new to me. I found that when someone was with me it made things way more comfortable and easy. Being alone became a challenge, to get past the crippling fear that stopped me from stepping outside the square, being different and being alone, comfortably. I knew I had to get used to it while I travel overseas, so I best get used to it ASAP. If I can't even do that in my own country (one of the safest in the world), how could I do that in a foreign one?

Since I'm barely staying at my flat these days I thought bugger it, I'm going to move out and live in my van! In 2 weeks I'm moving out of my flat. Crazy right? Honestly I never thought I'd ever do something like that! But it'll save me $145 a week and get me used to living on the road. Great training for the world travel ahead!

That's it for now. Time to rest off the yoga and rejuvenate for tomorrows trip to Kaikohe to see a full days clients!

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Jamie :)