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3. Brazil here I come - John of God

Hello everyone!

I've just created a video announcement for everyone finally sharing what I'm up to!

Sorry for the delay between blog posts. So much has happened since the last one, I don't know where to start! Its been about 3 months since I moved out of my flat in Tutukaka and solely sleeping in my van. I never thought I would say this but I'm fully comfortable living in a van now. I'm loving the flexibility and freedom it has given me. The best thing is that I never have to find accommodation when I go on trips. That alone has saved me loads already. Not to mention the savings from having no more flat rent. All I need is a daily shower because I don't want to look or smell like a homeless guy haha. So far so good!

Some places I have been lately...

-Kohukohu client visits

-Rotorua for PXP Enzacta conference

-Psychic surgery course Whangarei

-Many trips to Uretiti beach where I feel creative and refreshed

-Waihi (Coromandel) DJing at a wacky dress up "Bush Doof".

-Waipu seeing clients on Fridays

-Karikari Peninsula twice seeing clients

-Houhora client visits

-Spirits Bay and Cape Reinga

-Kaikohe - Nicole and I seeing clients

Nicole and I are in Kaikohe on Monday 15th of May.

Spirits bay Easter weekend (Above)


16th June 2017.

I am flying out of NZ on 16th of June to Brazil. I will be visiting John of god.

5 years ago I discovered the work of John of God. I was incredibly fascinated because he performed seemingly impossible surgeries and healing. This has opened my mind up even more to what is possible in healing.

I heard that he had done some healing on Wayne Dyer (A spiritual leader and author) while he had Leukemia, which helped to prolong his life (He has since passed). I then watched some incredible videos on YouTube and decided that one day I would love to visit John of God to witness and experience what he does.

John of God allows 'entities' to work through him to heal people and we call that Psychic surgery. He works under a trance with the entity doing the healing, rather than himself. Hundreds of people visit him every week in search of help.

He can even perform physical surgeries with a scalpel (including the eye!) without anesthesia followed by stitching up the wound by hand. And many other procedures. People who undergo these procedures say that there is no pain during the healing. I can tell that this is true by watching the recipients relaxed and comfortable facial expressions. To make it even more incredible the incisions barely bleed at all.

Click the videos above to see Oprahs interview and visit with John of God.

My plan is open at this stage. I am starting in Brazil and going from there with Peru, Tibet and Europe in mind. I will travel for a couple of years (open to plan changes) and visit healers and thought leaders from different countries. I will be sharing their teachings and wisdom in my Blogs, Podcasts (coming soon) and social media (Facebook, Instagram etc).

International travelling is new for me and I'll need all the help I can get so if you have any ideas on places to go, know any great healers or leaders I can meet with or have any handy travel tips. Let me know in the comments below!

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