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The John of God Experience

On the first leg of my travelling journey, I went to see a man known as John of God or Joao de Deus (His real name is Joao Teixeira de Farias) - A famous Medium/Healer in Brazil that I had been fascinated about for 6 years. His surgeries and healings on YouTube were unbelievable, what I saw couldn’t be explained by my current knowledge, and I became curious - “What if this was actually possible?” I had to see Joao up close, to know that healings of this nature can really happen. I said to myself way back then - “One day I will go and see John of God,” So I thought bugger it, I might as well go straight to see him first!

Joao is a medium, he is not the one who does the healing, The entities work through him for the healings to happen. Joao says, "I do not heal anyone, the one who heals is God."

The videos on YouTube that caught my attention show Joao cutting tumours out without using anaesthesia and no sterilised tools, scraping patients eyes with a knife and pushing scissor like tools up people's noses. You'd be pleased to know that I saw loads of them while I was there! Those physical procedures are actually a small portion of what goes on there, most of the work done is by spiritual intervention/ non-physical/ energetic/ psychic surgery or whatever you want to call it. They say that 3000-4000 people from all over the world seek the help of John of God for all sorts of conditions or problems every single week, including "terminally ill" people. People from all walks of life are welcome.

The Casa de Dom Inacio was established in Abadiania in 1979 by Joao and is the Spiritual Hospital where innumerable spiritual entities work to help people heal, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Abadiania is a small town about an hours taxi from Brasilia which is near the center of Brazil. The first thing I noticed while driving there, was that the countryside was extremely dry and covered in termite hills (it was dry season). I was thinking to myself “where the heck am I going?” It is truly in the middle of nowhere. What became evident to me when I arrived in Abadiania was that there were two halves to the town - The local half and the “Gringo” (foreigner) half. The Gringo part is the John of God side and is much more developed, the locals would say it is the expensive part of town, although it is still very cheap in comparison to New Zealand prices. People come from all over the world to see John of God due to the fame he has acquired from various media, books etc including a visit and interview from Oprah Winfrey. Abadiania is a bubble of good vibes and energy. It’s like its own world, tucked away from everything. Everyone is living in bliss. It's all about going with the flow and not worrying about schedules or time - there is nothing like Abadiania!

I arrived at my accommodation, Pousada Luz Divina on a Saturday, I was glad to find out that John of God only works on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays (“Casa days”) so I had a few days to get over my jet lag. Pousada Luz Divina ( Recommended to me by Jeannette Wilson) has to be one of the nicest places to stay in Abadiania. It’s so relaxing with lovely gardens, hammocks, healthy buffet style food and friendly staff. Watch out for all of the stray cats that beg for food, if you're not careful they'll jump onto the table and steal your food when you're not looking! (Check out the garden below, where I had many relaxed times).

After a good night's sleep I explored the town and the Casa De Dom Inacio (where John of God works) which is open on non Casa days too. The first things that caught my attention were most people were only wearing white clothes and there were crystal shops everywhere, by far the most crystals I had seen. I knew that people only wear white when they visit John of God but when I finally saw everyone in white it was surreal, there was a moment when I said “Wow, I’m actually here!”

In New Zealand I couldn't find any white pants other than cricket pants and I really didn't want to be wearing old, grass stained cricket pants for this occasion. Luckily there are many shops with white clothes scattered along the street for anyone that needs some last minute whites. I bought myself a nice pair of white pants for the coming Casa days.

Next I stocked up with the local blessed water, as they recommend that you don't drink the tap water. You will find Blessed bottled water all over the town (Blessed by the John of God and the entities of The Casa).

Going up to see John of God:

I woke up bright and early on Wednesday morning feeling nervous and excited. This was my first time going up to see Joao and I didn't know what to expect. Was I going to have a spiritual intervention? What would he say? How will I feel when I go up to see him? I had so many questions and finally I was going to witness Joao at work.

After having breakfast a group of us headed off to the Casa, all of us wearing white clothes. As we stepped out onto the main road you could see loads of white clothed people streaming towards the Casa. That was a cool moment I still remember well.

We arrived to the crowd of people at the Casa and I quickly discovered why people need personal guides when visiting John of God. Firstly, almost everything is spoken in Portuguese, and there are tonnes of rules and customs for the healing process. I found someone that happened to be a guide and asked them all the basic questions: where to go, what to do etc.

The first thing she said was write down 3 requests on a piece of paper to ask of John of God and the entities. The requests must then be translated into Portuguese. Thankfully my newfound guide helped me with this and offered to come up and translate anything Joao says to me, so I felt a lot more comfortable and reassured after that! As I stood watching and waiting with the crowd someone came up to me and tells me to uncross my arms and was told that you should not cross your arms or legs while in the Casa as it blocks the healing energies.

Everyone then waits until their line is called up to see Joao. There is a first timer line, a second visit line, a spiritual intervention line and revision line. In the main waiting area (see photo below) we stood for about an hour before our line (first time line) was called up. In that time we saw Joao bring a couple of people out for physical surgeries. Wow... It was hard to watch, even after seeing it many many times on YouTube. He did the "nose job" procedure where he inserts a scissors like device up their noses and twists. This made me a tad more nervous... What if he did that to me?

Above: Main waiting area and entrance to the Current room. On Casa days people go through the blue door to get to the current room. When Joao brings people out for physical intervention he brings them out on stage here, in front of the main room (This photo was taken on a non Casa day as they ask not to take photos when the work is happening).

Finally, I'm at the front of the line and I pass my First time token to the lady at the current room entrance. The current room was an intense and jaw dropping moment. The current room is the room leading up to John of God. On each side of the walkway there are wooden chairs lined up and facing towards us. The chairs are filled with about 100-200 people meditating with their eyes closed. They say that they shouldn't open their eyes to avoid taking on any unwanted energies that leave the people. The purpose of current room is to help John of God hold the powerful energy of the entities for the duration of the healing (usually 3-5 hours+, twice a day) which would be an energy taxing affair!

So, as I walk into the current room for the first time my entire body starts to involuntarily shake, as though I'm cold, nervous and excited all at once, although I didn't know exactly why. I didn't normally shake like this when I'm nervous so I put it down to the intensly high energy in there.

The next things that grabbed my attention were the huuuuge crystals on the sides of the room leading up to John of God. Quartz crystals so huge that you would struggle to fit them on a wheelbarrow, in fact the wheelbarrow would probably be crushed haha. I've seen many crystals in my life but nothing like this! Maybe they were part of this huge energy presence I was feeling?

As I reached the front of the line to see Joao, Sabrina my translator joins me. At this stage I'm feeling star struck, nervous and dazed because John of God is right there, and there's just so much to look at and take in... At the same time I have to concentrate on my 3 requests.

I walk up to Joao and he has this kind of super relaxed and glazed over appearance as he awaits me. He puts out his left hand and gestured that I put my hand on his (which apparently is a type of blessing and only happens sometimes), Sabrina then relays all of my requests to Joao in Portuguese as he begins writing on a piece of paper what he recommends for me. In this case he recommended to take the herbs they have at the Casa.

Annnd that was it... No profound statement or message, just a blessing and take some herbs! To be honest I was a little deflated and disappointed (as many others are especially due to these amazing stories we hear), but I learn't later that the healing energies of the Casa are still working on you, even if Joao doesn't give you a lot of time or doesn't say a whole lot. Later on in my stay in Abadiania I had an experience that confirmed that John of God and the entities were in fact helping me out.

I left the main casa and headed over to get some of the famous free soup. After each morning session of a casa day, there is a free soup offered for anyone that wants some. It is said to be also blessed by the entities and is also part of the healing process. I must say it tasted good every time!

Lastly I headed to the "Farmacia" to pick up the herbs that John of God recommended for me. I think they were 30 reals to buy? The herbs are Passiflora (Passion flower) and they say that the herbs are energised especially for you by the entities. The container had 80 tablets to be taken once in the morning and afternoon, so 40 days worth.

Above: The Farmacia where a line of people are waiting to buy herbs and other recommended aids for their healing

That was my first casa day in a nutshell. It wasn't what I expected but you really shouldn't expect anything here!

You're probably wondering what I requests I wrote on the piece of paper? I can't remember exactly all of them in detail as I ended up going to him 3-4 times with different requests, however, I remember the first two I wrote:

1. To help open my heart to love more

2. Ask for protection and support of the entities for my travels.

To my amazement and partly disbelief at the time, it actually happened... 1-2 weeks into staying in Abadiania I had a spontaneous feeling of heart opening, while I was sitting at the local cafe Fruttis. No kidding, this is the most love I've ever felt for everyone, everything, animals, people, friends in my life that I can remember. Not only that, there was a deep warmth and love for myself. It was like for the first time I was saying I love you to my friends around me (genuinely from a deep heart space I had not felt before) and even to the stray dogs. What a profound moment of my life to now know what that feels like. This moment alone made this John of God trip worth it.

Above: One of the relaxing locations that people meditate at in the Casa gardens with a nice view in the distance.

The next day: Spiritual Intervention

The next day (Thursday) I was up early once again for the second day visiting John of God. Sabrina advised me that I could once again go up to see Joao with 3 more requests that day if I liked. It felt like a fun little game where I can make as many wishes as I like. I thought to myself "I should do this more often - Make wishes, life would be more fun I'm sure!"

As I waited for my line to be called, a woman announced over the loudspeaker "Anyone can come up for a volunteer spiritual intervention if you feel called to do so." At that moment I felt an inner pull to go up and volunteer for a spiritual intervention. So I did.

The line swiftly moved into the current room where Joao directed us all into the spiritual intervention room. We took a seat and then waited with our eyes closed as the room filled up. Joao then entered the room (in his trance like state encorporating the entities) and began to loudly speak in portuguese to the us in room. Although I didn't know what he was saying I imagined that he was saying something along the lines of "the entities and god are working with you to heal"... I have no idea, but it was an interesting experience!

We then left the room and that was the end of the morning session for us. Now here comes the most interesting part - After a spiritual intervention you are to immediately go home by taxi (no walking) and to go straight to your room to your bed for 24 hours with no phones, computers, books or any other type of distraction. The only times to get up would be to go to the toilet or for food, which was brought to me by the staff at Pousada Luz Divina. That 24 hours was not easy, especially considering it was 9am and I had only just got up a couple of hours earlier, then I'm supposed to go straight back to bed haha. It wasn't so bad in the end.

The week following is a rest week so I had a very relaxed time chilling, reading, meditating and eating lots of healthy food. It was great. The 7th night is called the "White night", on that night you wear white clothes to bed and leave a glass of water by the bed to be blessed by the entities. The entities remove the spiritual surgery "stitches" and it begins at 10pm. I was still on the way home at 10pm and right on cue I began to feel light headed and butterflies as I was walking, I was in disbelief thinking to myself "wow they were right." I asked the entities to wait 5 mins more until I got home and into bed. I walked home, threw on my white clothes and jumped into bed as fast as I could. Zzzzzzz... Spiritual intervention week complete :)

Above: Coincidentally it was Joaos 74th birthday the first week I was there. Thousands flocked into town for the celebrations. It was like a swarm of paparazzi gathered around him taking photos! I got up close to take this photo while Ernie Chu (I interviewed Ernie in one of my podcasts) was with him.

The 6 most common things that John of God often recommends for your healing:

1. Meditation in the current room ("The Work")

While in Abadiania people often mention they are doing work at the Casa, and usually they mean meditation in the current room. This is a very important part of the healing energy of the Casa as it is with the help of all of the people that Joao can hold such high energy entities for such long periods of time. The current room usually has at least 100-200 people at once (as a guess from what I saw). Everyone's eyes must be closed at all times so that they don't take on any of the energies that are leaving those getting treated.

The people in the current room are the first to arrive at the Casa and are the last to leave as they must wait until Joao has finished with the very last person. This could mean you are there for couple of hours or up to 5,6, 7 hours or even more! It depends how many people he has to see. You are welcome to leave at any time but you cannot re-enter.

The meditation process is actually a big healing process. Many people say they have profound experiences while in the current room with visions, emotional releases, and all sorts of healing. They also say that the more you give (the work) the more you will receive yourself.

2. Spiritual intervention

This is the most common form of healing from the entities at the Casa. The first part takes place at the Casa with the entities working on you non-physically before the most difficult part back in your room where you are instructed to sleep/rest for 24 hours with no phone, computer, books, etc. This is for proper focused healing and reflection. The intensive phase of healing lasts for one week where you must take it easy, no exercise or heavy lifting and as little direct sunlight as possible. You should treat it like you just had a physical surgery, you would want to take it easy otherwise you'd do more damage right?

On the last night of the first week they call it the "white night." You are instructed to wear white clothes to bed, put a glass of water beside the bed and be in bed by 10pm. On this night the entities are said to remove the spiritual surgery stitches that were in place from the intervention, the water is blessed and first thing in the morning you can drink the water.

You are given herbs to take for 40 days. There are a few things that you cannot do within the 40 days of the spiritual intervention such as: No mixing healing energies - that means no other healing working from anyone else unless they are approved by the entities and no sex. Mixing energies can affect the subtle energies that are working on you from the entities.

3. Physical intervention

Physical interventions/surgeries are not as common as spiritual interventions from John of God, but there are still several of them each Casa day. Often the most common you see are eye scrapings with a knife, "the nose job" where he inserts long a scissor type device up the nose and twists, an incision with a scalpel and sometimes larger operations such as removal or cancer or other lesions. While at first the physical surgeries were hard to watch, it became "normal", like "ohh another physical surgery"... and didn't think too much of it.

4. Herbs and Recommended Diet

The herbal supplements at the Casa are composed of passiflora (Passion flower) which they say itself is not medicinal, but actually the specific healing energy that the entities place upon your herbs. The herbs that Joao recommendeds for you are for you only and nobody else.

While taking the herbs you are recommended refrain from eating fertilised eggs, drinking alcohol, or eating any pepper (Black, chili, white pepper etc).

5. The Waterfall

The waterfall was so so refreshing and freezing! They say it is a great cleanser of your energy and again they say that it is blessed by the entities so it is a special waterfall. Many people there claimed to me that they had a profound change while standing under the waterfall. It definitely made me feel clearer, lighter and woke me up.

I went to the waterfall several times and really enjoyed it. As you can see on the photo below there are a lot of rules with the waterfall. Rules such as you are only allowed to go down to the waterfall with the same sex, so males with males etc, no photos, and a maximum of 2mins under the water.

6. Crystal beds:

Joao often recommends people to do a certain amount of crystal bed sessions. In my case I wasn't but I booked myself in for 3 crystal bed sessions on non casa days. You can go to the Casa shop on any day to book in a time slot for a crystal bed session, you can choose how long you want and which crystal bed you prefer.

I found it really relaxing but nothing too out of the ordinary to announce from my personal experience. Again many others told me of their amazing times in the crystal beds from crying to absolute blissful experiences.

It is possible to purchase your own crystal bed to take home with you however you will need to ask John of God and the entities for permission before you are able to buy one. The crystal beds are quite pricey so be prepared for that if you are thinking of getting one. While I was there I met a considerable amount of people who purchased one and also many that had already purchased one and were offering the bed as a service back home.

Living in the Abadiania/John of God bubble:

Synchronicity and soul connections:

Being in the Abadiania bubble is like synchronicity on steroids. I’m a big believer in synchronicity and that everything happening for a reason. I've noticed various times in my life when things fell into place one after the other, with opportunities coming my way and meeting the right people at the right time. Being in Abadiania brought a whole new level to synchronicity for me. Be careful what you wish for there because things happens a whole lot faster! Within the synchronicity I also met about 4 people that I was like "I feel like I already know you" when we had just met. It was often a talking point with many people that experienced the same thing. You gotta go and see what I'm talking about, its a unique and special place.

Hungry, Tired and Thirsty:

A bizarre thing that drastically changed when I arrived in Abadiania was that I was always so so tired, hungry and thirsty for the first 3 weeks I was there. The thing was, I wasn't the only one, many of the other people I spoke to said exactly the same thing. We were eating huge buffet meals and then going back for 2nds and sometimes 3rds! The tired part was very different for me because I tend to be bit of a night owl and usually go to bed around 10-11pm, but here I was struggling to stay awake past 8pm! So odd... We all believed it to be because of the strong healing energies within the Abadiania bubble. If you visit here, expect some deep inner healing to happen :)

This is a place of healing

If you're in Abadiania you are here for a reason. Changes will happen so be prepared for lots of:

-Peace and Quiet.


-Healthy food.

-Waterfall trips.

-Crystal beds.

-Lovely people.

-Good vibes.

Above: I made so many amazing connections and life time friends from all over the world



I highly recommend having a guide when you visit John of God to help you in your process and to make it a smooth experience. You don't have to get one if you don't want and that will save you money however, there are plenty of rules and procedures to know and that can be overwhelming for some people. Another reason is they help you to process what is happening for you, with one on one meetings before and after spiritual interventions to help integrate the healing.

I met several guides while meeting John of God. Here are some that I got to know and recommend if you are visiting John of God:

Selin (English, Turkish, German)

+49 176 822 09 634

Sabrina (English, German)

+55 62 982703871

Angel and Will (English)

Places to Stay:

Pousada Luz Divina

I highly recommend Pousada Luz Divina for the first timer visiting John of God as it has everything you need. They even bring food to you in your room if you have a spiritual intervention.

Want to learn Portuguese while your here?

I highly recommend Daniel (Here he is below teaching my friend Tania).

Mobile or Whatsapp +55 62 82704017

What an incredible trip it was to visit John of God. It is truly a very special place and I highly recommend it to anyone. If you feel a pull to go there do it! You won't regret it.


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