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8 weeks of going with the FLOW and living in Brazil and Peru

I wrote this blog post on the 12th of August 2017, 8 weeks into my travel to Brazil and Peru. For some reason I never shared it. I looked back on what I had written and thought, "You know what, this is pretty cool, I think I'll share it." So here it is, Enjoy! - Only 9 months later haha.

Ps: I have been writing a couple of hours each week so that will be shared eventually too :)

Its 8 weeks to the day that I've been abroad! I'm now situated in Calca, a small town in The Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. A very spiritual place where loads of food is grown and where natural plant medicines are commonly used. I'm staying at a "workaway" retreat where I can work a few hours a day and be provided accommodation and food. Its an awesome set up as it is a volunteer driven organic farm and ceremony place (soon to be an AIRBNB retreat). We (the volunteers) keep the plants and produce alive and growing, we sell food at a market and use the profits to go and buy our food. I'm barely spending $50 a week at the moment, how cool is that!?

Showcasing our baked goods for sale at a market in Pisac, Peru

It's about time I updated everyone on what life has been like as a "The Travelling Healer." Since its been so long since I've written a Blog its hard to know where to start! So many challenges, mindset shifts, ridiculous experiences and me constantly saying "WOW."

Experiences and challenges such as:

-Finding a human skull 2 days ago in a waterway near where I am. I was shaken up the whole day, it was such a shock! A group of us buried it and had a nice little ceremony. (I got all of this on video, I'll be uploading this soon so look out for that.)

-Vomiting and headaches from Altitude sickness for 3 days, Ice cold showers and unflushable toilets...

-Getting lost for hours in Cusco, Peru.

-Losing my credit card in an ATM in Cusco.

-Often not knowing where I'm sleeping the next day nor where my next destination is

-Going very close to running out of money

-Navigating alone on long bus trips in Brazil. I spoke almost no Portuguese (I had to write my message on the Google translate App on my phone to talk to people)

Living with Freedom on a daily basis has forced me to drop the need to control all the details and go with the flow. Everything has worked out fine so far! The right people and opportunities pop up at the right times. It has amazed me consistently what the universe chucks at me. One day I was messaged by a new friend, early in the morning asking if I wanted to go Zip-Lining as her friend had pulled out due to feeling sick. It was all paid in advance, so it was free. That turned out to be incredibly awesome!

Breath taking views from one of the zip lining spots in Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley, Peru

This has been a trip with purpose. I haven't travelled to places for a reason other than healing. For example I flew into Rio De Janeiro twice, and didn't leave the airport, I could have gone out partying or sight seeing, but instead I made the most of my time by going straight to the destinations I wanted to go to, to learn and to grow. This isn't a holiday, it's a journey of learning, healing and sharing, but of course I am enjoying the process.

Where have I been so far?

John of God performs surgery on a patient with no anesthesia

John of God, Brazil

I landed in Brazil on the 16th June and travelled straight to Abadiania (the trip was a grueling 4 flights and a taxi long), where I spent 4 weeks visiting John of God. The biggest highlight for me was reaching a feeling of Heart opening that I could not ever remember experiencing in my life. Funny enough this was the first request I asked of John of god when I arrived. To my amazement it actually happened... You can read about my John of God experience in my BLOG HERE

Wearing all white in Abadiania, Brazil, where John of God resides

Valentim, Brazil

I briefly visited the Medium and healer Valentim in Gama, Brasilia. He also is a famous Medium who channels or incorporates a famous healer/surgeon. He has scissors in his hands and cuts around you in your energy field. They say he cuts off bad energy ties to help you heal. What was the most incredible thing was that there were hundreds of people streaming into the doors so I he must do some amazing things. It seemed that myself and Joella (from France) were the only non-Brazilian people there.

You can see how many people were waiting (above), this was only a portion of the people waiting. Hundreds streamed in throughout the hour I was there.

Sitting with Medium and healer Valentim in Gama, Brasilia. He was happy to take a quick photo with me whilst hundreds of people were still lined up to see him.

Vale Do Amanhecer (Valley of the Dawn), Brazil

Next, I spent a week at Vale Do Amanhecer (Valley of the Dawn), where I can't even begin to describe the complexity of what is going on there in this Blog. I had some Jaw dropping times there where I couldn't believe a place like this existed on planet earth. This small town is centered around this spiritual/religious doctrine. It is FULL of Mediums that can channel spirit (Let their body be incorporated by an external spirit/entity). It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland or Disney land because everyone is dressed up in a certain costume that demonstrates their skill or talent. From what I understood the doctrine was focused around clearing of karma. Anyone is welcome to go there, it is totally free. The first step is to go into the main temple and join the queue to see a medium. If you don't speak English there usually is someone around that can translate for you. You are able to ask the medium anything you like and often will finish with some "works" they recommend you to attend at various places in the temple. There are several "work" areas where there are different purposes to help people, eg physical clearing, energy clearing etc. I may write up more in a blog at some stage... There is a lot more to add and describe!

Standing outside one of the temples at Vale Do Amanhecer (Valley of the dawn), Brazil

When you visit Vale Do Amanhecer you will see that everyone is dressed (as above) to display their roles, skills, mediumship and so on. It was like I was in a spiritual disneyland.

Cusco, Peru

I spent a week in Cusco, Peru where I "Couchsurfed" for the first time. That's where you stay at someones place for free. I was so lucky because my host looked after me for the first 3 days as I got Altitude sickness (did you know Cusco is 3,400m above the sealine?). I could barely eat, I was super weak and I had this shocking headache. I was so grateful that they gave me lots of Coca tea and even made me meals. After that subsided I saw the Temple of the Monkey and Temple of the Moon where the Incas once were many years ago. I put up fliers around town and let people know that I was available for treatments, from that I saw a handful of people before deciding to move out to the Sacred Valley.

Standing on top of the Temple of the moon (Incan ruins), Cusco, Peru

Calca, The Sacred Valley, Peru

I am now currently situated in Calca, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru. Its by far the most beautiful location so far with huge mountains all around us and definitely more relaxed.

Where to Next?

I will be volunteering here for at least a couple more weeks as I organise my Blog and Podcast more. I have so much to write and share! I will be doing an Ayahuasca ceremony soon. It is a natural plant medicine from the Amazon jungle that many people travel to Peru and Brazil to experience. It has been said to help you connect with your spiritual side, heal your past and overcome inner limitations. I may even try it myself and relay to you what I experience.

Have I helped/worked on people on this journey?

Yes! Not as many as I'd like though. There have been several times where I've helped someone that has had an accident right in front of me (including today where someone fell down stairs). Someone tripped and rolled down a hill at the Temple of the Moon, Someone fell off their Bunk bed and I saw a guy in a restaurant bent over the table in severe pain who I approached and helped.

In Brazil at Abadiania with John of God, it was tough because one of the main rules there is that you do not "mix" energies or therapies within 40 days of a "spiritual intervention" so that meant I was limited to people who hadn't yet had an intervention. The other obstacle was getting my energy up as it seemed that while staying in Abadiania I became extremely relaxed and often tired, possibly because I was going through some type of healing myself! It was only in the last week while I was there that I was able to treat several people. I have since helped several people in Peru. However, it has been difficult to help travellors as thoroughly as Id like, this is because people come and go often and it is difficult to follow up with them. Finding suitable spaces to work has also been interesting although I now have a great place where I am staying.

Bartering/Energy exchange:

Something that has been a new experience is bartering treatments for other things or offerings/donations. I have met so many people that travel this way which is really inspiring. A backpacker I helped out offered me Cannabis cookies that he had made since he had no money, he gave me 5! Another person who was a writer offered to edit the "About" section of my website. I was given a nice warm Peruvian Alpaca sweater, and others such as Accommodation, food, health supplements and the list goes on. Its a cool way to live!

*Blog written on 12th August 2017.

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